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The Reiseanalyse (RA) is a representative survey of the holiday travel behaviours of Germans, their travel related attitudes, motivations and interests. The survey describes and analyses holiday trips of 5 days and more as well as short trips of 2-4 days. The survey has been carried out annually since 1970. In January each year a sample of approximately 8.000 people is surveyed which are representative for the German-speaking population (14 years and above) in private households. The sampling method is random and the interviews are conducted face-to-face. Due to the large sample size and the extensive methodological effort (face-to-face interviews, selection of samples through a multi-stage technique using the random route approach) the RA generates very reliable data in large and small market segments.  

Since autumn 2007 the annual face-to-face survey is supplemented by online surveys with the RA online. The RA online is representative for the German-speaking population aged 14 to 70 years, living in private households in Germany (sampling method: random sampling within online access panel). The survey takes place twice a year in May and October with 2.500 repondents each. Topics focus on online-relevant questions as well as short and city breaks.

The NIT has been actively involved in the organisation and management of the Reiseanalyse for more nearly 30 years. The managing director of the NITProf. Dr. Martin Lohmann, is one of the scientific advisors for the Reiseanalyse. The NIT also manages the office for the Forschungsgemeinschaft Urlaub und Reisen e.V. (FUR). Ulf Sonntag, Bente Grimm, Philipp Wagner and Nadine Yarar and further staff members of the NIT work closely with the managing director of the FUR and provide further assistance concerning content, reporting and customer care.


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