Our conference facilities in Kiel consist of:

  • A large conference room for up to 30 people
  • Two smaller adjoining rooms for workshops and coffee breaks
  • A small kitchen

Our facilities are located in the centre of Kiel, close to the town hall and the opera house. The main station is located in walking distance, but can also be reached by bus or taxi. Further information can be accessed here.

The conference room is large, light and well ventilated. It can be equipped with a beamer and a screen as well as Internet access.

The room can also be equipped with different seating arrangements seating between 25 and 30 people.

Further information on availability and conditions can be obtained from Marthe Bähre.

Example for the room prepared for 25 people

Report "Finding sustainability information for holiday travel (FINDUS)"

UPCOMING Dates and events


On the occasion of the 13th Global Forum on Tourism Statistics in Cusco, Peru, Ulf Sonntag is talking about "How much is too much? Assessing the demand, economic impact and perception of 'sharing accommodation' in tourism destinations".

28.-30. November 2018
Cusco, Peru
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At the Label Day 2018 of the Swiss Tourism Association (STV), Martin Lohmann will speak under the title "Experience²" about the significance of holiday experiences, about the psychological and social backgrounds of the experience claim and what practical consequences this can have in product design.

29. November 2018
Frutigen, Schweiz
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