A short history of the NIT

The privately organised institute was founded April 26th, 1991 and is based in Kiel, Germany. The intention of the founding partners was to establish tourism research competence in Northern Germany and to apply this competence to the practical work in the tourism industry.

From the beginning there were no regional limits for the activities of the new institute. Hence, the name affix ‘… in Northern Europe’ is rather a designation for the home of the NIT than its field of activity.

The institute has a partnership with the Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel, Germany. A scientific advisory board and a board of representatives accompany and support the work of the institute.

Dates and events


June 19-22: The “Building Excellence in Sustainable Tourism – Education Network” [BEST EN] THINK TANK XVIII CONFERENCE will take place in LUCERNE / Switzerland. Martin Lohmann gives a key note paper on “Customer Value of Holiday Tourism - a Key Issue of Sustainability”. more information

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