A short history of the NIT

The privately organised institute was founded April 26th, 1991 and is based in Kiel, Germany. The intention of the founding partners was to establish tourism research competence in Northern Germany and to apply this competence to the practical work in the tourism industry.

From the beginning there were no regional limits for the activities of the new institute. Hence, the name affix ‘… in Northern Europe’ is rather a designation for the home of the NIT than its field of activity.

The institute has a partnership with the Christian-Albrechts-University in Kiel, Germany. A scientific advisory board and a board of representatives accompany and support the work of the institute.

The NIT has contributed data and findings from the 2018 Reiseanalyse on German outbound tourism to Asia and the interest of Germans’ in travelling to China to the publication UNWTO/GTERC Asia Tourism Trends - 2018 Edition.

UPCOMING Dates and events


On the occasion of the 13th Global Forum on Tourism Statistics in Cusco, Peru, Ulf Sonntag is talking about "How much is too much? Assessing the demand, economic impact and perception of 'sharing accommodation' in tourism destinations".

28.-30. November 2018
Cusco, Peru
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At the Label Day 2018 of the Swiss Tourism Association (STV), Martin Lohmann will speak under the title "Experience²" about the significance of holiday experiences, about the psychological and social backgrounds of the experience claim and what practical consequences this can have in product design.

29. November 2018
Frutigen, Schweiz
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International Conference in Berlin on 2 and 3 April 2019: “Measuring Sustainability in Tourism – Opportunities and Limitations” Dirk Schmücker is talking about: “Demand-side Indicators for Sustainable Holiday Travel: What consumers can tell us.” Further information

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