The EU project Cross-Re-Tour supports the innovation of sustainable and digital processes in companies in the tourism industry. The project provides access to knowledge, tools and innovation and brings tourism businesses together with pioneers of sustainable and digital change outside the tourism industry. In this way, Cross-Re-Tour aims to break down the barriers between sectors in support of sustainable tourism.

The project, which started in September 2023 and will run until September 2026, will support 80 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the tourism, leisure and hospitality sectors in eight countries to implement innovative solutions developed in partnership with other stakeholders. This support is funded up to 100% by COSME – Europe’s program for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The eight project partners are:

Milestones of the project are a self-assessment tool, webinars and workshops and finally a 14-month funding program in which ten tourism SMEs in each of the eight project countries can receive funding of up to EUR 30.000 for a sustainable/digital project.

If you are a tourism SME interested in sustainable and digital innovation, please contact us to find out how to get involved!

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