Strategy & development

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The field of strategy & development contains many different consulting projects on different spatial levels, e.g. project-orientated market analyses, strategy development or project planning/monitoring in small steps.

The spatial areas that we work in depend on the client, but in general we work on projects at national, state, regional or local level. Clients in this field of work include national industry associations and organisations; national, state, regional and local tourism organisations as well as private companies, business development agencies or investors.

The subjects of these strategy, development and consulting projects include:

  • Development-orientated analysis of secondary data and strategy development
  • Result-orientated primary research for specific purposes (written/oral/telephone/ personal/online interviews both on demand and supply side) (please refer to market research)
  • Solution-orientated data interpretation and evaluation (analysis of market potentials, SWOT analysis)
  • Strategy development (tourism concepts, positioning, strategy formulation, development of controlling systems)
  • Development of infrastructure and superstructure (potential demand volumes, product development and implementation, expert report drafting, land use planning, conversion projects)
  • Organisational expertise (development of organisational structures, internal marketing, conflict moderation)
  • Marketing expertise (target groups, themes, market segments, customer perspectives, information and booking channels, positioning, brand development, agency briefings)
  • Impact studies (tourism compatibility of certain infrastructure, economic value of tourism, economic impact of certain plans)
  • Monitoring of project implementation (moderation, project implementation planning, stakeholder participation processes etc.)
  • Evaluation (development of controlling systems, performance review, target achievement review)
  • Presentations, lectures, organisation of events

Most of these projects are completed within our sole responsibility, but we frequently carry out projects with partners from urban planning, transport planning, landscape planning etc. as well as with other partners from the tourism sector, too.  

Links to published concepts (the majority of our concepts are unpublished reports for sole use by our clients) can be found among our publications.

Head of strategy & development:

Contact Person: Kai Ziesemer