Market research

Photo by Nemanja .O. on Unsplash

Market research is one of the core areas of our work in which we focus on people.

In market research projects, the NIT works at the interface of data collection, data analysis and data interpretation for clients from the tourism and leisure industry. Our core competency is the integration of clients’ needs for data and interpretation with suitable data collection and data analysis methods.

Within market research we apply conventional qualitative and quantitative data collection methods (CATI, CAPI, online, face-to-face, self-completion, focus groups, individual interviews, observations) in order to meet the research needs of our clients. Examples of market research projects include studies on target group volume and structure, customer satisfaction and product optimisation, expenditures and multiplier effects, information and booking channels, image and brand equity, product/acceptance/communication tests (copytests) and market segment studies.

The Reiseanalyse plays a special role within our market research activities. One the one hand, the NIT is responsible for the scientific and organisational aspects of the survey; on the other hand, the results of the Reiseanalyse are utilised in many of the projects carried out by the NIT

A longstanding and well-tried data collection and analysis method are the guest surveys carried out by the NIT. With this method, we enable especially destination managers to obtain reliable data about their customers.

Contact Person: Ulf Sonntag