New Insights for Tourism.
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Welcome to the NIT! For 30 years the NIT has been researching issues from tourism and related topics. On the basis of our research, we also develop tourism strategies within consultancy projects. On these pages you will find information about the Institute and our work. Please contact us for further information.

Selected Projects

AIR – AI-based recommender for sustainable tourism development

The development of processes based on artificial intelligence is intended to equalize and manage visitor flows in the future. This will provide sustainable tourism with a further opportunity to identify any clusters of visitors that may arise and the resulting congestion of popular travel and excursion destinations at an early stage. Using the information, visitors […] Read more

Tackling Climate Change – Adaptation Strategies for Tourism in Lower Saxony

Under the leadership of TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen (TMN) and in close cooperation with the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics, the project aims to work with the travel regions over the next 18 months to identify where climate change will particularly affect the industry and what solutions can already be put in place to successfully and sustainably adapt destinations to the consequences of climate change. […] Read more

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Ulf Sonntag new Managing Director at NIT

Ulf Sonntag is the new Managing Director of the NIT in Kiel, Institute for Tourism Research in Northern Europe. As of 1 January, he takes over the helm from Martin Lohmann, who has managed the NIT's fortunes since 1991. Ulf Sonntag has worked at the NIT for 20 years, most recently as head of market research and authorised signatory. Martin Lohmann will continue as the scientific head of the NIT until the end of June 2022. […] Read more