Tackling Climate Change – Adaptation Strategies for Tourism in Lower Saxony

Lower Saxony is the first German state to launch an area-wide project on the effects of climate change on tourism entitled “Tackling Climate Change – Adaptation Strategies for Tourism in Lower Saxony”. As climate-related changes are already making themselves felt in Germany, the aim of this project is to make Lower Saxony’s travel industry fit for the resulting challenges.

Under the leadership of TourismusMarketing Niedersachsen (TMN) and in close cooperation with the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economics, the project aims to work with the travel regions over the next 18 months to identify where climate change will particularly affect the industry and what solutions can already be put in place to successfully and sustainably adapt destinations to the consequences of climate change.
The NIT is supporting the TMN both professionally and in the practical implementation of the project and has put together a project team together with adelphi research, dwif-Consulting and Fresh Thoughts-Consulting.