Friedericke Kuhn

Research Assistant
M. Sc. Tourism Research

+49 (0)431 666 567 19


Stages of Vita
since August 2021

Research Assistant at NIT

2017 until 2021

Lecturer and research assistant at Leuphana University, Lüneburg

2017 until 2021

PhD at the Institute for Experimental Business Psychology / Chair of Business and Tourism Psychology

January 2018 until July 2018

Freelancer at NIT

2016 until 2021

Internship and employment as a working student at the NIT

2015 until 2017

Studies in the programme ‘Leisure, Tourism and Environment’ at Wageningen University in the Netherlands (M. Sc.)

January 2014 until July 2014

Semester abroad at Umeå University (Sweden)

2012 until 2015

Studies social sciences with a focus on intercultural relations at Fulda University of Applied Sciences (B. A.)