AI-based recommender for sustainable tourism

The tourism relaunch after the corona lockdown has revealed that some places are – at least temporarily – overcrowded by tourists. This phenomenon resulted in the idea to provide visitors with an indication if and when the journey to a holiday- or day trip destination is worth it. In the light of the rush of visitors in the summer of 2020, some places developed quick isolated solutions such as live tickers for the beach or the mountains.
The NIT, together with eight project partners from research, development and tourism practice, aims to develop a sustainable solution how data on visitor streams can be used for modelling occupancy and for influencing visitors (nudging). The first project phase is completed and an applicatoin for funds for a continuation of another three years is submitted at the BMU. Partners involved are Outdooractive, the universities of Kempten, Kiel and Heide as well as five destinations in Germany (Allgäu, Sauerland, Ruhr region, North Sea, Lübeck Bay).